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winning as susual.

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theblackhandx7x said...
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i remember this game to be quite something special...it was at the time that is, a very good game, now its prob ancient ruins *laughs*. Back in the 06 seasons the version was play station 2, so you would expect lots of loading, graphical differentials and many little people, long schedules and such to.

For me it was a long career, after a long period of time i racked up 8+ super bowl titles, with 2 different teams, and only trailed (when retired) don shula for most career wins, in regular season everything else was mine in stats.
Understanding though that at the time, they focused on traditional look, such as hall of fame, and such things like that, which made it perfect.

it put you to the test, coaching a team instead of controlling the players which would be easy to do, coaching is counting on your guys to make plays and score and its not so easy my friend!

I unlocked everything i needed pretty much and i hung it up for ever and i will never play it again but it was great at the time. Best coach of all times <

...........................NOW........Head coach 09 is different, somewhat lacking compared to 06, and i may add, very dull and pointless, they don't even have a pure look, just graphics and big people, and the dimensions were off, and just didn't feel right, so compared to 06, it stunk.

06 Version will remain a treasure, thanks.
NFL Head Coach

NFL Head Coach (PS2)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Sports Management Sim
Release Date: 20/JUN/06
NFL Head Coach 09

NFL Head Coach 09 (X360)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Sports Management Sim
Release Date: 03/SEP/08
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