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say it ain't so!

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theblackhandx7x said...
  • frustrated
i picked this game up for 18 bucks in trade value and i was impressed at the start, felt good, everything seemed in good works, but when i got a little further something just happened it happened fast---the enemies just destroyed me, and i was so ready and they ganged up on the two main characters and game over---not saying it was me, or them just saying come on. So i will trade it back cause this stinks, not worth my time---enchanted arms so much better, or lost odyssey. .

it's one of those flash in the pans, see what i get from it, but not impressed; No Blocking either how messy is that, not cool.

FF13 can't come any sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Infinite Undiscovery

Infinite Undiscovery (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 02/SEP/08
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Black Hands Cavern

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Hmm, I wanted to try this one out..might have to reconsider.
Infinite Undiscovery was a boring action RPG I was hoping for more from Tri-Ace.
@DarthOdium i noticed ---flashy at first but boring the next second flat --- @Chefjayman i have 7 days to return it for money back, so i will. It just irradiated me so badly, GAAHH!!!

I just picked it up from Gamefly for about 10 bucks, guess I'll find out if I like it.
@EarthboundX I hope you do enjoy it, I was really disappointed and I got sick of getting lost with the map. If you played Star Ocean, Radiata Stories then you'll like its combat. Undiscovery felt like it was missing something when I play.
@EarthboundX .................... lol. Now i got it Tuesday afternoon put it in, all hyped and stuff, played a few minutes, it was so involving, everything was fine.. then.....suddenly ..a...BRICK WALL (metaphor). Maybe i just don't like how it works, i love turn based more anyway so its no loss. FF, Lost Odyssey, enchanted arms, etc. -- B T W if anyone is interested Enchanted Arms is very good, don't let the critics tear it up.

p.s: check out my group "black hand cavern", RPG, RTS and sport-------got a love em! :)
Wow, huge price difference between the 360 and Ps3 version of EAs.


360 version, new at 50 bucks, Ps3 version, new at 15 bucks.

Usually the Ps3 versions of games are more expensive for some reason.

I'm guessing because it came out on the 360 first, then later it came out on the Ps3.
Guess that was just Amazon, the 360 version is the same price at Half.com


I'd get the 360 version, only because the Ps3 version doesn't have trophies.
Man be lucky you didnt buy that game when it was 25, I feel like you saved more money than I did. >.< I was so disappointed with this RPG I sold it right back, without carrying how much I got from Gamestop.
Wow. You want to hold EA over IU? Really? Really.

@xoaks Some people hold games higher then others. I personally would not put either one over the other. I played them once and that was good enough for me.
Tell you one thing @theblackhandx7x I'm in no hurry to play FFXIII. I'm not to fond of the intro song from Leona Lewis - My Hands I hope they didn't ruin the franchise by making it "popular or more pop culture" and with Front Mission: Evolved, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, and SMT: Strange Journey coming out the same month. I won't miss out on playing a Square-Enix game.
@DarthOdium I'll probably wait till 13 goes down in price first before I get it myself.
@EarthboundX I can understand that.

I'm just sad that I love FF growing up FF on the NES was so cool when I was a kid. It had its own unique music, gameplay, story and I watch that game turn into an awesome franchise. Then Enix came and I had high hopes that with strategy and role play that FF would rock every RPG made.

Now I cringe at the name Square-Enix and games that come from them. I hope that FFXIII makes me eat my words.
Interesting. I actually liked this game, though I have yet to complete it because other games have caught my attention. My brother loved the game.
@DarthOdium FFXIII is honestly going to change everything. Look at RPG's on PS1 before FFVII. Now look at RPG's on PS1 after FFVII. Look at PS2 RPG's before FFX. Look at them after X. Now look at RPG's (especially JRPG's) that have come out for 360 and PS3. FFXIII is the herald of a Paradigm Shift of epic proportions. I can't wait for the fallout.
Implying they're RPGs... I dunno, I could never get into the whole Japanese action adventure games. I always prefered Western RPGs from BioWare and Bethesda, mostly BioWare.
@xoaks I hope you're right. I hope I'm taken back by Final Fantasy XIII.

.....I can't seem to find it but there was a research blog/newsletter about JRPGs and why in the last several years JRPGs were selling poorly outside of Japan, while Western RPGs have been gaining momentum....

It had some interesting information about the difference in RPGs I wanted to link.

I'm pissed I can't find that.

Anyway I know that Square-Enix is also trying to move FFXIII away from being called a JRPG.


Which is why I'm very curious about the game, but when I got my hopes up on FFXII I was heavily disappointed.
I wasn't impressed with Infinite Undiscovery, the game felt a bit bland, and although I liked the graphical style it's battle system just didn't compare to rpgs like FF. I recall a certain event in the game which changed the game almost immediately and made traversing the environment awkward and annoying - that was the final straw for me before it got traded in.

FFXIII will be awesome, I mean I loved FFX and FFXII was good but not so much, FFXIII looks closer to the older FF battle systems so I'm very excited.
@DarthOdium I usually am....
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