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"He Could Go all the way".

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theblackhandx7x said...
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This game has leverage because its so long in 'things to do'. Let's put things into prospective; first 60 years, compared to madden that's 30 more.

2nd thing is optional choice (anytime, anywhere), so you could pick a new team to build every few years obviously 4 years per team because of freshman-senior stuff. It's actually exciting to take schools with less stars (prestige) to a higher level, then to use filled stars teams only because your put to a challenge.

Seriously, 60 years is alot but if you love the game it won't matter, take a look at every division, look at all the teams, look at the last place teams, and then the rosters, order them, recruit and help them win, then control them for a period of 4 years or 5, win as many games as possible for years 1, 2, win a bowl at 3, and win a title at 4, or 5.

Another thing is you get an achievement for "USING EVERY" Team and winning a title (the same usage period) so if you take every single NCAA 10 team to a title that's a "National Champions" achievement.

I have already achieved 27 of the 44 achievements or so I remember that is; a lot to accomplish if your up for it. Another thing to look forward to is custom sounds to your team stadium, all or selected few whichever u prefer. Add music to the parts of scoring like a touchdown or 1st downs or turnovers the choice is yours.

NCAA 10 is 100% perfection No bad flaws to the game.... if you really want to become a champion you play the game on Heisman level cement your legacy. The Commentary is by far the amusement to your comedy hour because they speak fresh, and if you get bored listening you turn off the voices and play without them then put em back on, or don't play a lot and conserve time.

I have never loved a game like this before, it never gets old; year 2034 you could easily recycle this game for years if you needed to, instead of wasting money on new versions.

One last thing; Conference invites which are so cool, think about taking that bad team you just built into a "bigger playground" and taking on the big boys, to reach the title, now that's excitement.

thanks for listening.

NCAA Football 10

NCAA Football 10 (X360)

Release Date: 14/JUL/09
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good to know, nice in depth synapsis
thanks for comment but --- where are the groups? cause its confusing.
what groups are you looking for?
NCAA 10, C&C, SVR 10, lol you name it.
They don't have game groups like that to my knowledge, you're best bet is to look at the people you are following and check their game lists, the other thing you can do is find or start a Clan, make a clan dedicated to the types of games you like and then start meeting and invitiing people to it. Each clan site has it's forum, its actually pretty useful for organizing bigger events too. I have one but it doesnt get used much.
clan? (lost). can you show me.
whoa... but where is the games i like lol
thats just it... you have to find other people who have those interests, and see what clans they are in, or if you just start following them they'll tend to discuss things that interest you. This site doesn't seem to have things broken down into catagories, its just a chaotic mass of gamers, its up to you to find the people and clans you want to be involved with. Or make the clan that all the gamers that play your genres want to get into. You can remove follows, so if you're getting copied on threads you don't care about stop following those people or opt out of those threads. Other than that I'm not sure what else to tell you. I've been on this site for a while, I use to vent, learn, and make new friends. It's basically facebook for gamers.
sent u a message before i saw this so if u can check it out lol.
if you go to the top of the gamerdna page click on GAMES and then in the txt box to the right type in the title you are interested in and then scroll down and you will see a history of comments on that game. Is that what you're looking for?
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