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Officially advanced to year 2036 of NCAA football 10. You ask; are you serious? I say yes because i have time to play so i play, and i have reached a milestone. Temple is a national champion, Idaho moves to Pac 10, and Western Kentucky is SEC Bound; more to come. I have previously taken much and much of the "bad schools" to the promise land.

Currently Working On: Minnesota, Idaho, and Western Kentucky as well as reigning title holder temple.
NCAA Football 10

NCAA Football 10 (X360)

Release Date: 14/JUL/09
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Can I build this team in my game and how many achievement did you unlocked?
Wow thats dedication.
24 achievements. There are some i won't get; 1 being "National champion(s)" which means (all teams) and you know we have rivals and im not using them ha! 2 Achievements which were not awarded "Im outstanding" and "freshman phenom", which pertain to Heisman trophy and even though i acquired it, still didn't get em; whack.
Honestly i do want an "NCAA 10" group or "clan" or whatever to satisfy its dedicated users of triumph and championships. Hopefully i can and will (would like a sports layout of course), but for now enjoyment.

As for building you can "team builder" and make any team u want, or whatever. Dynasty is awesome; 60 years, and i have already "Moved" plenty of teams from bad conferences to major conferences for "More Competition". As always I play on Heisman Level, (Hardest) i rarely lose if i do; its luck i guess, and i bring my "A game". any more questions feel free to ask. WOO!
Team builder is hard to use and I'm not sure which team will help me get the rest of the achievement and what difficulty.
Heisman is so awesome, your the best or your the worst. My Winning % is is very high i hardly lose if i do its RARE. I "pick a new team" when i have successfully achieved a title (both conference and national title) for the team in use. Once In the win, they normally raise in prestige which will decline if you LOSE alot. I started with LSU in 1st year used em for a few years, and moved on to a new team who hired me, follow the pattern.
Okay thanks and simming a bad idea.
I play EVERY GAME with exceptions to some games i do not wish to play but most of the time i play every game. :)
Okay thanks.Maybe you could compare my achievement.
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