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theblackhandx7x played NCAA Football 10

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theblackhandx7x said...
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Say what you will but the legend has been on cruise control and will finish on top of the mountain again! Nearing the end of Year 2038 this only means that the excitement is mounting on its own personal level. With the exception of some seasons there has been a national champion under my control -- so in that regard what is left to do? Not much except enjoy the ride to the end of the adventure. For you people who criticize the facts that dedication is boring i got news for you, we do what we do, because we want to. If you don't like my posts don't read em :)

Still plenty of "bad Teams" to rebuild into a powerhouse, and I do NOT use anyone who has been made, already! What this means is, if you have a title already, no thanks i won't control that team because its the bad teams that need the help not the ones who are already established. I have taken EVERY single Freshman Running Back into the Heisman race and prevailed for the most part, whats that mean anyway? I am just that good period.

It's a shame this year's game lacks just a few little things it could have had in it, to be even better but for me, it doesn't matter does it? ha!

Wonder what happens when you finish the 60 years of dynasty? I mean when you complete madden you don't get anything, no retirement present, no flowers, no chocolate, no nothing, just a wall with all your accomplishments (titles). So...whats the reason or motive to finish a 60 year dynasty? To say I did and YOU did Not? i would say so, considering the dedication i put into my fun with video game free time, why not do it, and say that i have something i can treasure.

Tune in for more later

Just wanna wish you a happy holiday.

NCAA Football 10

NCAA Football 10 (X360)

Release Date: 14/JUL/09
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